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4 Tips For Being A Better Coach

It's been 11 years since I started coaching. And I have learned A LOT. Mostly from doing things the wrong way or not being ready with the knowledge I needed (which truly comes from experience.) Here are four things I think are important when it comes specifically to coaching.

1. Learn progressions and modifications. Help your clients build the strength to do an exercise correctly. Don't skip steps! (I've always regretted when I did not do this with someone.) Work up to it, instead of just letting them do a movement poorly or jump into the hardest thing. There are many ways to get to a movement goal. Learn them all.

2. Don't be random. If you can't tell a client where you are going with their training then maybe it's time to rethink your plan (or lack thereof). A well thought out plan takes more time up front, but will save you so much more time in the long run and will deliver better results for your clients! (I promise!) I like 6 - 8 week cycles. (And remember, ANYONE can make someone tired. Try it...have a kid run you through a workout. That is not coaching.)

3. Be quiet. Don't overload your client with 800 different things to think about. (I get excited and can be totally guilty of this sometimes!) Give them a few key things to focus on and then give them the opportunity to do and go from there. Highlight what was correct and then have them work on the most important thing.

4. Always be learning. Put in the extra time to learn. Just because you have coached a deadlift before doesn't mean you know everything about it. Be honest with yourself...can you be better? The answer is always YES and I'm honestly so annoyed by those who think they already know it all. 😃 I've spent countless extra hours learning... sometimes reviewing the same movements and methods over and over, and I always learn something new.

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