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What People Are Saying

It was a complete and thoroughly helpful experience doing a kettlebell session with Renah. Having done the “bells” for about 18 months on my own and watching videos I knew I was in need of form and technique coaching. Incredible attention to every move and super easy to follow instruction made this session way more than I hoped for. A truly professional experience that has changed the dynamic of my workouts and has given me the confidence in my swings that I needed. And Renah has followed up with notes and video of my session to make sure I stay on point! CANNOT recommend Renah more highly. -Brad 


Thank you, Renah, for a lovely kettlebell session.  Black Dog Fitness is spotlessly clean with a wide range of kettlebells for any body type.  Renah, you were patient and descriptive and were excellent at noticing small imbalances that when corrected made all the difference.  We benefited from your advanced knowledge and the session was 100% worth the drive from Jeff City. We look forward to working with you again. -Kally & Darek


I did a 1 hour training session this afternoon to work on my kettlebell swings and Turkish getups. Renah was an amazing instructor and patiently took me through each step of both moves. I highly recommend Black Dog Fitness whether you’re looking for individual instruction or group classes! -Mark


Whether you are new to kettlebells, or looking to fine tune mechanics, go see Renah at Black Dog Fitness. It is a beautiful studio, and she knows her stuff. I did an hour training session to refine my swing, and made a ton of progress thanks to her great instruction. Her clear cues and thoughtful communication helped me so much, as did the video and photos of our session. Can't say enough good things about Black Dog Fitness! -Kate​​


Five stars and 2 thumbs up! I came in wanting to know what I needed to work on to improve my KB swing and TGU mechanics, and that's exactly what I got.


Renah's observations of my mechanics were spot-on and corrections were conveyed in a way that wasn't overwhelming, but rather encouraging. I left with a heightened awareness of my strengths and weaknesses and concrete drills and steps to improve them. Renah said she'd be happy to critique any video of my form I wanted to send her, and I hope to schedule a progress check session with her in a month or so. -John

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