Private Training

We offer a variety of private training sessions to fit your needs and goals:

  • Single sessions ranging from 1 - 3 hours and check-in sessions for kettlebell enthusiasts who want to learn more about the kettlebell or who want to focus on specific movements, but ultimately want to train on their own. Offered in-person or via Zoom. Single sessions start at $100. Include a recap and helpful videos/photos from your session.

  • A combination of in-person private training and programming to do on your own utilizing kettlebells. 

  • Monthly in-person or Zoom sessions (2 - 3x per week) to help you focus on your kettlebell goals.

  • We also offer kettlebell distance coaching (programming with Zoom check-ins every two weeks). Starting at $175.

  • Our private sessions may include a combination of kettlebell movements and bodyweight movements.

  • Private sessions are 45 minutes and include a warm-up. They may be held at our studio or at Francis Park if weather allows. 

All of our private training is centered around the main kettlebell movements. If you'd like more info on private training or to set up a Zoom consultation, email 

We also offer private sessions for coaches:

  • Coaches who do not have a kettlebell certification, but would like to learn the best ways to cue and coach their own clients.

  • Coaches or anyone working towards the SFG certification.

For more info on our training for coaches, click here.  

Small Group Training


You’ll never get bored with our training! Training is focused on form and smart progressions through our Black Dog system.


We’re offering a friendly and challenging co-ed kettlebell training space for those who are serious about getting strong, learning, being better and doing some good for themselves and others!

  • Start right where you are. Our training system will ensure that you are doing exactly what you need to do in order to get stronger safely.

  • Expert guidance and coaching with the fun of a small group setting. You'll get all the personal attention you need for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training.

  • No more guessing about what to do. We'll have the plan, you show up ready to work!


Small group training will start back up in January. Memberships are month-to-month and begin at $159 for 8 sessions. If you would like more information email




Our training model will give you the opportunity to progress and level up! Movements done in class will be determined by your specific level: White Dog, Blue Dog, Brown Dog & Black Dog.


Start your journey with us as a White Dog to master kettlebell swings, front squats, single arm presses, and the get-up. Stay with us long-term to earn your Black Dog mastery and progress to double snatches, jerks, pull-ups and kettlebell athletic drills.


Time spent at each level will vary from member to member, but will always challenge you to be your best. Level up by meeting the minimum strength and skills requirements.


Here’s what you can expect at each level.

White Dog Level


  • 2H Swing

  • Goblet Squat

  • SA Press

  • Get-Up

Blue Dog Level


  • Single Arm Swings

  • Front Squat

  • SA Clean

  • Windmill

  • Hollow Hang/BE Hang

Brown Dog Level


  • Double Swing

  • Double Clean

  • Double Press

  • SA Snatch

  • BE Hang/Chin-Up


Black Dog Level


  • Double Snatch

  • Single & Double Jerk

  • Double Clean & Jerk

  • KB Athletic Drills

  • Pull-Up


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