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The Coaches Toolbox: Smart Group Programming Made Easy

Get a year of done-for-you SMART group programming for strength using progressions, 8 week cycles and annual planning!

  • If you’re tired of spending hours each week on random workouts and would like a training system that makes sense for you and your clients then this is for you!

  • If you coach the general population and have a variety of fitness levels in your group training this is perfect for you!

  • If you’re ready to focus on getting your group members STRONG, then this is for you and your members!

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  • Six 8 week done-for-you cycles using progressions and smart planning. That’s 48 weeks of planning, leaving you with a few weeks to extend cycles due to holidays or to mix in some rest/off-program weeks.

  • Each 8 week cycle includes one warm-up and three different strength training plans

  • Movement Progressions & Variations Cheat Sheet

  • Demo videos for every movement organized by cycle


Progressions are so important when you are thinking about long-term progress for your clients and your business!

  • Progressions provide a roadmap and a goal.

  • Progressions give you smart programming

  • Knowing how to progress and modify will make you a better coach.

  • Progressions will allow your members to execute challenging movements even in your group training

8 week cycles are necessary if you’re coaching skills and want clients on board for continued growth and longevity!

  • Programming does not need to be all-consuming or “exciting!” In fact, simpler is usually harder and repeating movements will help your clients get better!

  • 8 week cycles are long enough for clients to see progress without getting bored! The movement progressions cheat sheet will give you progressions for even longer with many movements.

  • The repetition of movements will help new members learn the movements and retain that knowledge instead of starting over every time they are in.


By using annual planning and progressions you can confidently tell your clients where training is going and how one movement builds upon another.


I have tweaked and tweaked my programming over the past ten years at Dragonfly Fitness until I got it just right and that’s exactly what I’m offering you! If you’re coaching general population groups my proven program is going to:

  • Save you so much precious time and energy over the year!

  • Make you a superstar to your members! They will see and appreciate the planning and how everything “makes sense.”

  • Allow your clients to get stronger in a safer way, while also empowering them.

  • Help you focus on coaching! You will become a better coach because this system allows for you to know all of the progressions and modifications.

  • Change the way your members think about fitness! They’ll want to have strength goals. They’ll want to commit. And they’ll switch from a random approach or a sweat and tone mentality to long-term thinking!


Member engagement, goals, great programming and coaching equals member retention!

Offer smart, long-term training programs to truly help your clients and keep them genuinely engaged!

But why would I offer all of this that I’ve worked so hard to get right?!

  • I struggled a lot with everything in my business!

  • I had to work my way into success the way I wanted it and that was by showing women that being strong was better than doing hours of cardio! A women’s gym focused on STRENGTH and not selling memberships based on fear and weight loss!

  • I believe my programming changed a lot of women’s minds from “working out” to training, from short-term to long-term, from sweating to goals.

By using smart programming not only have I had a profitable group business, I know that my business has changed minds and lives! And I want the same for you! My programming works for everyone, not just women!

What Members Say…

Karly N.

“I love our 8 week cycles because I can really see my progress! It always surprises me how much I improve and it really motivates me to keep going. 8 weeks is a great amount of time because it's short enough that I can set realistic goals and I don't get tired of the movements, but long enough that I can really get better and stronger. Having the progression options are wonderful because even if I can't do a movement yet, I still have a way to get stronger and a path to get there."

Maureen S.

"I love the 8 week cycles because I like feeling productive and I can see real progress from week to week. At the end of an 8 week cycle I can look back and feel proud of the work I've done because my results are clear and measurable. That really motivates me going into the next cycle. I never feel bored because we adjust reps or weight throughout. I don't ever want to go back to a more "random" approach!"

Amanda D.

“I love knowing from the start I’ll have 8 weeks to see how far I can take a movement, and also the security of having a fallback if needed (modifications AND progressions.) I like being able to look at my program sheets from a previous week/cycle/year to see how far I’ve come, and the satisfaction of finding out I can, in fact, do those hard things! Predictable programming also means it’s easy to progress regardless of what time of day or which coach accompanied my workout.”

Erica S.

“I have benefited SO MUCH from the 8 week strength cycle. I always see improvements in the amount of weight or reps I can do. The 8 weeks is perfect to stay focused on particular movements while allowing a lot of variation throughout the year.”

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