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Three Great (+ Short) Weekend Workouts

Updated: May 23, 2022

I trained the swing and get-up almost exclusively for several months of 2020. It was simple, straightforward and I really enjoyed it. I worked my way up to 24kg single arm swings and got really comfortable with a 24kg get-up. (My best get-up was 28kg on my stronger side, about 3/4 of one anyway...I was almost back to the floor and had to bail. But it was a huge confidence booster even with that!) I really felt that I got stronger overall because those two movements transfer really well to other swing kept my deadlift strong, and the get-up improved my overhead strength. Both improved core, grip and leg strength.

Sometimes I feel like planning longer workouts on the weekends, and sometimes I just want something a little shorter. So here are three great weekend workouts that are for those times you want something a little shorter, featuring two of my go-tos - the swing and get-up.

Partial Get-Up + Power Swing Rounds

This is meant to be a strength quickie! So grab a challenging bell for both!

Perform 5 rounds. Rest should be about 1.5 -2x longer than work.

Increase challenge by working up to 5 reps each side on the partial get-up and 10 power swings with the same bell.

Partial Get-Up (to hand) x 3 each side

Power Swings x 6

On The Minute (OTM) Swings + Push-Ups

I've done this one a lot and it's great when I just want to move (and I still get to practice two moves I want to stay strong at). The push-ups get hard for me, but the swings balance it out.

Grab a bell you can swing well for about 15-20 reps and set your timer for 10 - 14 minutes. You'll be alternating swings and push-ups on the minute. The first minute do 10-12 swings. Rest. When the next minute begins, do 10 push-ups. Rest. And then your back to swings for minute 3, etc. This is a great way to get in at least 50 swings and 50 push-ups in a short amount of time! You can make it as long as you want though and adjust reps as needed.

Get-Up & SA Swing

You'll need a medium bell for your get-up and single arm (SA) swings. This one is a great way to practice the different steps of the get-up and SA swings. Complete all reps on your "strong" side first. Then complete on your "stronger" side. Repeat 1-2 more times on each side.

Get-Up to hand x 3 + 5 SA Swings

Get-Up to half kneeling x 2 + 5 SA Swings

Get-Up (Full) x 1 + 5 SA Swings

Interested in learning the details of the two-handed swing, single arm swing and get-up? Join me for a 2-hour workshop on Saturday, June 4th. Early bird is just $49. Space is limited! And you have my guarantee that it will be worth your time and money, or I will refund your money. Get the details here.

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