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Everybody GET UP

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Get Up has it all.

✅ Mobility

✅ Overall Strength

✅ Core Stability

✅ Coordination

✅ Shoulder Stability

✅ Glute Activation

It takes time to learn, but is well worth it! I like to break it down into steps for clients. This post breaks down the set-up, roll to elbow, and the sweep to half kneeling! Spend some on these before moving on!

The set-up is so important because how you set up will affect you later on in the movement.

Two main points I like to emphasize for the roll to elbow in the #turkishgetup.

Engage glutes! Drive through heel & hip...

While also pushing elbow through the floor.

If you plan on going heavy you are going to want to make this part especially strong!

Now, make a smooth transition from the elbow to the hand.

There's a tendency to move the hand back when moving from the elbow to the hand. But that will put you in an awkward position later and leave your shoulders in a bad position.

Instead, push the palm into the floor and rotate the hand slightly. This will keep your shoulders packed and keep your hand in the right spot.

Next is the sweep.

As you lift your hips, think about drawing a diagonal line with your toes as you sweep the leg through. (While keeping the other foot planted.)

Finish with your knee stacked under the hips and in line with your hand.

Shoulders stacked.

If you have trouble with the could be mobility, or it could be that you were not set up correctly at the beginning of your get-up. Be sure that your set-up is right on! (Make sure your legs are wide enough.)

From here, you are ready to get into the half kneeling position.

(Here's a quick tip for this. If the windshield wiper is hard on your knees, try moving your front leg to get into the half kneeling position.)

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